CNC Milling Centre

CNC Milling Machine

The Vertical Traveling Column (VTC) 250D Vertical Machining Center features a powerful 50 taper high torque spindle, full traveling column design and fixed table for machining of extremely long and heavy work pieces. It also has the capability for a table center to partition the machine work envelope. It can be transformed into two separate work areas that allow the machine to be in cycle within one work area, while a part is being set up in the other work area. The machine also delivers rapid traverse rates to reduce non-cut times.


  • Long fixed table design with split table capability
  • 6 000 RPM, 50-taper High Torque spindle
  • 1 181 IPM, rapid traverse rate
  • 24-tool storage capacity
  • Maximum table load of 3 000 lbs

KMC-3000SD – Has a working area of 70" in Y axis, 120" in X axis and up to 34" in Z axis. The machine can easily handle longer parts by having the doors open on either end of the machine with a max work piece load of 20,000lbs. The tool magazine is equipped with 30 tool capacity, to accommodate multiple tooling for different operations on complex parts. Diversified has also purchased a 90 degree head to increase the versatility of the machine.

  • X Axis Travel: 127"
  • Y Axis Travel: 74"
  • Z Axis Travel: 27 ½"
  • Maximum table load of 20 000 lbs


    • Qty 2 - Mazak VTC - 250D / 50
    • Kao Ming KMC-3000SD