CNC Water Jet

CNC Water Jet

Diverisified Machine Works CNC Water Jet provides unparalleled value. With a high speed, high precision motion system, our Water Jet provides high quality parts -- fast. The motion system is imperative to creating a high quality part. Full wrap around bellows ensure long component life, and highly accurate cut parts.

Our CNC Water Jet works unlike any other system. It not only counters stream lag and taper (characteristics inherent to waterjet), but also automatically tilts and monitors the speed of the cutting head on the fly. This ensures the part we pick up off the table is cut as quickly as possible, and to high precision.

  • Acuracy +/- .127 mm [0.005 in (full envelope)]
  • Repeatability +/- 0.050 mm [+/- 0.002 in]
  • Speed Range Up to 20 m/min [Up to 800 ipm cut & traverse speeds]
  • Z Vertical Travel 152 mm [6 in]


  • Flow Water Jet